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Toby has worked as a lawyer, banker, speech writer, and even a session singer, in roles that have taken him around the world. He has written articles for major Australian broadsheets, and written a number of short stories which have been published in magazines, converted into podcasts and broadcast on radio. Two Mums and a Dad is his first book. Toby grew up in Sydney’s northern suburbs with his mother and her female partner. He lives in Sydney again now, with his wife, two children and a whippet called Devo.

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Readers of this book will soon learn to multi-task: laughing while squirming, admiring the magic of family love while gasping at its easy cruelties, and continuing to read while their hands are over their faces. Inevitably, Toby Roberts's puckish humour in surviving the suburban nightmare will draw comparisons with David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs. But neither of those master comic memoirists was born into a family that gifted them quite as much raw material.
Ian Stromsmoe
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Just finished it in the second sitting and I've had tears streaming down my cheeks since starting the Reflections chapter. The tears are still rolling as I write this... It's funny but I don't recall you and I ever having a conversation about your Mum's sexuality and from my point of view that's because I never needed to. It always seemed natural and straightforward to me because your Mum was always that way with me. I LOVED spending time with all of your family growing up and I always felt welcome, accepted and free in your house. I remember your Mother so fondly that I genuinely still love her to this day. I also think there's no doubt that she role modelled alternative sexuality for me in a very positive way from a young age and for that I am eternally grateful. Also I credit her with instilling my life-long love of Grace Jones! Honestly Tobes I loved every word of the book. I'm proud and grateful to you for writing it. X
Matt Berry
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I just read the book cover to cover. Definitely a guilty pleasure knowing somewhat more about the protagonists than the average punter. And feeling somewhat voyeuristic at the same time added some fuel to the fire! Toby, apart from the wonderful stories, I loved your conversational tone and your vivid use of adjectives that brought it all to life. A raw and honest appraisal of your upbringing. I struggle to remember what I had for lunch yesterday let alone the frivolity of my youth, so well done you on bringing all together on paper. We loved having the Roberts family as neighbours. Yes completely unconventional by the standard that my parents knew, but a better family and neighbour could hardly be found. My parents loved your mum’s friendship and miss her greatly. Coming of age moments were in abundance at 107 Copeland Rd!


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Below is a blog from one our 2021 authors Toby Roberts. Toby’s book is called My Two Mums and a Dad and is a memoir

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