Tricky Behaviours by Andrew Fuller


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Kids with Tricky Behaviours don’t need to be ‘fixed’ because they aren’t broken. They do, however, need to be shown ways to play to their own strengths and to learn a range of ways to interact with the world. They need to be shown how to flourish and thrive, and parents are the best people to do this.


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In this revised and updated edition of his bestselling book, Tricky Kids, leading Australian adolescent psychologist Andrew Fuller delves deeply into all the different types of tricky behaviour displayed by children of all ages. Using the latest thinking and developments in child psychology, he explains the most common reasons why children can display confronting behaviour and outlines practical steps you can take to help show them the way to live harmoniously with you and others.

Recognise any of these behaviours?

These are just some of the behaviour traits which Andrew identifies. He then outlines techniques to enable parents and educators to translate them into children’s strengths.

Tricky Behaviour

Motto: ‘Fight to the death

Passive Resistance
Motto: ‘Problem, what problem?

Dare Devil
Motto: ‘No fear

Motto: ‘Whoever has the last word wins


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