Life at the Bottom of the Blender by Naomi Hart


This is a very amusingly told tale of rising fortune and misfortune, resilience and persistence, offering a real behind the scenes look at what it takes to make it as a ‘hoofer’ (dancer) on the stage, as well as survive in the dog-eat-dog restaurant world. Naomi’s story is populated by unusual and larger than life characters, and ironically but charmingly, the discovery that of all the cities she has lived and worked in, Umina is the one that makes her the happiest.

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At age 23 Naomi flew from Australia to New York to make it on Broadway as a musical theatre actor. In the process she accidentally ended up working for the New York Mafia, performed as a dancing plate in the musical ‘Beauty and the Beast’, married a chef, opened the famous Hartsyard restaurant in Sydney, lived on a tropical island in Fiji and, after discovering her daughter had autism and her husband had ADHD, lost all her hair to stress and embraced water polo.


 Written with warmth and passion, not to mention an enormous dose of quirky humour, Life at the Bottom of the Blender outlines Naomi’s rollercoaster life that has not only seen her cheered by US audiences, spat on by rude restaurant customers, and lived in buildings where dead bodies were discovered, but encountered a whole cast of incredible people from New York to LA, Fiji to Umina Beach, all dedicated to pursuing their dreams, and making the most out of life.

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Life at the Bottom of the Blender

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