Borderline by Sandie Jessamine

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Released March 2021

Sandie takes us on a deeply emotional journey through the haunting rooms of the Parramatta Female Factory and Institution Precinct, where her story reflects the neglect, the fear and abuse of the convict women and children that preceded her.’
Cate Whittaker, playwright and social historian

The true story of 15-year-old Sandie who escaped from Kamballa Special Unit in 1974, on the same day as a young  teenage murderer. When the escape becomes front page news, Sandie’s life is thrown into chaos and will never be the same.

From the inside of the girl prisons, Reiby and Kamballa, to the squats of Kings Cross and life as a street kid in Redfern, Sandie’s gritty and compelling memoir portrays the mind of a young girl coping with an increasingly hostile world

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Borderline by Sandie Jessamine

In 1974, fifteen-year-old Sandie escaped from the Kamballa institution, formerly known as the infamous Parramatta Girls Home. On the outside she soon discovered that police and justice are not always the same.

Sandie talks here in this interview about why she wrote her book and what makes it so unique.


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