All That I Forgot by Anne Howell


What if you woke up believing yourself a young girl, only to discover you are an adult with amnesia. This extraordinary story embodies the saying ‘truth is often stranger than fiction’.

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What if you woke up in hospital one day thinking you were a girl aged nine, when instead you were a grown woman with a child?

What if you could not remember giving birth to that child, did not know who your supposed husband was, or even remember how to read and write?

 And what if the people helping you remember were not, in fact, telling you the whole story?

In 1991, after neurosurgery, Anne Howell caught meningitis and fell into a coma. She woke with amnesia, losing her autobiographical memories, including the birth and, indeed, the existence, of her young daughter. She was told she had a husband, a happy home life, and a loving relationship with her mother, but none of these things turned out to be true. As Anne gradually recovered, she began to suspect the things some of her family and friends were telling her about herself were convenient fabrications, especially as returning memories revealed a darker version of her past than theirs.

Against this backdrop of unease and intrigue, Anne is forced not only to confront her new physical limitations but to try and work out who she really is.

A gripping true story that reads like a psychological thriller.

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