A Long View From the Left by Max Ogden


A Long View From the Left by Max Ogden


He also describes his trips to international events held in Algeria, the Soviet Union and the US, and his time spent studying Labour Movements in Sweden and Norway, as well as his role in the NZ Labour Party Commission on the Future of Work. He was active in many of the campaigns of the Left generally, including Vietnam, peace and nuclear disarmament, the role of women in the workforce, technology and industrial democracy.

During his career, Max worked with and alongside the greats of the Union and ALP movement, such as Laurie Carmichael, Bob Hawke and Bill Kelty. He was instrumental in setting up the AMUW education program, and his work was crucial to transforming the standards and work practices of Australia’s national food industries.

A Long View From the Left is not only a terrific record of recent cultural and political ideas within the broad left of Australia, but an intriguing and valuable contribution to our social history.

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A Long View From the Left is a memoir by Max Odgen, a longtime Australian Communist Party member, Unionist and, from 1985, ALP member. The memoir traces Max’s 60 years as a union and political activist, as well as the changing social and cultural values of Australian society over this time, and reveals many rich lessons that will be invaluable to our current and future generations of leaders.

In this fascinating book Max describes his home environment and the development of his political influences as a result of the effects of the Depression on his family. He also details his extraordinary rise from lowly metal-worker apprentice to being appointed as an Australian Council of Trade Unions Industrial Officer, before being invited to head up a research unit at Melbourne University, and all without obtaining a tertiary education.


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