Naomi Hart

Naomi Hart – Bio

Naomi has earned a living as a cow, a prostitute, a nun, a murderess, a diva, a wolf and a dancing plate. That is to say she’s worked in musical theatre and spent most of her twenties in New York city.

Upon returning to Sydney with her American chef husband, Gregory Llewellyn, she became a restaurateur and co-owner of award-winning, hatted restaurant called ‘Hartsyard’, a dance, drama and voice teacher, cookbook writer, hostess, bar owner and occasional writer. Her writing has been published in Wet Ink and Dumbo Feather, she’s written and performed two sell-out cabarets and recorded a series of her short stories for ABC Radio National’s ‘Life Matters’.

 Among this schizophrenic career, she has also had three gorgeous children, one of whom is autistic, discovered her husband has ADHD and come perilously close to a breakdown… if only she could find the time to fit one in.

 Does it sound like a life of excitement and stress? Naomi’s hair sure thought so and she has been completely bald since alopecia hit full force at the end of 2020. Stubbornly, her chin whiskers have prevailed.

 A three-year stint living and working on a remote Fijian Island was thwarted by the pandemic after four short months and she now resides on the Central Coast with her loud, wacky family and their adopted Labrador, 13-year-old Handsome Henry Hart.

Books - Life at the Bottom of the Blender (Coming Soon in 2022)


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