Max Ogden

Max Ogden – Bio

Max Odgen was born in Melbourne in 1938. He was originally named Neville Maxwell but after the then British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain signed the Munich Agreement with Adolf Hitler that same year, his name was changed to Max. Born into a predominently left wing family, Max was asked to leave Cubs because he refused to sing ‘God Save the Queen’ and salute the flag. Max rose to prominence as a union representative with the AMWU, and became contemporaries with AMWU leader Laurie Carmichael, Bill Kelty and Bob Hawke. Over his sixty year career as a Unionist and activist, Max was involved in many of the campaigns that shaped Australian society, such as around Vietnam, peace and nuclear disarmament, the role of women in the workforce, technology and industrial democracy. His interest in contemporary labour and industrial relations matters continues today..

Max’s book A Long View from the Left is set for release November 2020


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