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Tricky Behaviours by Andrew Fuller 

Kids with Tricky Behaviours don’t need to be ‘fixed’ because they aren’t broken. They do, however, need to be shown ways to play to their own strengths and to learn a range of ways to interact with the world. They need to be shown how to flourish and thrive, and parents are the best people to do this.

In this revised and updated edition of his bestselling book, Tricky Kids, leading Australian adolescent psychologist Andrew Fuller delves deeply into all the different types of tricky behaviour displayed by children of all ages. Using the latest thinking and developments in child psychology, he explains the most common reasons why children can display confronting behaviour and outlines practical steps you can take to help show them the way to live harmoniously with you and others.
If you are sick of having your home resemble a war zone, hoarse from frequent screaming matches or just plain despair you will ever be able to understand or overcome your child’s tricky behaviour, then this book is for you!

While Tricky Behaviour can often be challenging and confronting for parents, the good news is that these children frequently grow up to be the movers and shakers of the world. Believe it or not they are more often than not the ones full of potential. Passive resistance, competitive, manipulative, aggressive, moody or argumentative traits can often disguise anxieties and stresses that children cannot articulate. The secret to transforming tricky behaviour is to discover the root causes of undesirable behaviour and show children how to use their abilities for good, rather than evil!


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Each book sold will earn the Guildford P &C $10.46

Unlocking Your Child’s Genius By Andrew Fuller

Leading clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller says that children are born bright and curious – with a greater capacity and inner genius than we realise. Every child has an innate sense of inquisitiveness, creativity and lateral thinking that form the basis of genius.

PRICE with Discount $19.03 – RRP $27.99

Each book sold will earn the Guildford P&C $9.03

Around the Grounds by Peter Newlinds

In Around the Grounds, Peter shares memories and insights that will fire sparks of nostalgia in Australian sporting enthusiasts. In this marvelous memoir, Peter recalls teenage years working inside the grand scoreboard of the SCG, to the pressure of auditioning for the ABC in front of a childhood hero, and then through a long career with the national broadcaster. It’s the story of the sporting fan who manages to live out the ultimate sporting fantasy: working as a commentator with one of the world’s great sporting broadcasters.

PRICE with Discount $16.82 – RRP $32.99

Each book sold will earn the Guildford P&C $8.82

Women Like Us by Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs

Stand up comedians Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs have spent the last 3 years touring the country with their smash hit comedy show Women Like Us performing over 80 shows to just over 20 000 people! Their formula of performing two hours of stand up (an hour a piece) has proven a huge hit, with audiences in droves declaring this one of the funniest stand up shows they’ve seen. It’s true. The girls are master story tellers able to deliver belly-laugh’s every 30 seconds. And now the girls take it from the stage to the page with the release of their co-authored book Women Like Us.

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Each book sold will earn the Guildford P&C $6.27

Mr Ordinary Goes to Jail by Wil Patterson

Wil Patterson was just an ordinary working husband and father. Always one to make light of things, he was becoming increasingly desperate about how he was going to pay bills and keep up with all the latest things his family ‘had’ to have: the new cars, house renovation and beach house.

One day while at work for one of Australia’s biggest financial institutions, opportunity presented itself to Wil in the form of a cheque addressed to someone with the same name. Wil knew it was wrong but the temptation was too great. Soon enough he found himself down at the bank cashing that cheque. After vowing ‘never again’, it wasn’t too long before Wil’s mounting debt meant he just could not resist.

PRICE with Discount $14.27 – RRP $27.99

Each book sold will earn the Guildford P&C $6.27

A Year in the Mud and the Toast and the Tears by Georgie Brooks

After suffering through another 40+ degree day in Adelaide, a simple line drawing of an old cottage in the real-estate section of the paper catches my eye. The cottage is in the Adelaide Hills on about twenty acres of land, with mature trees, a creek and a spring. It sounds much, much cooler than our current house. My husband gets in the car and drives to the address of the advertised cottage. He phones me 30 minutes later. ‘It is 19 glorious degrees Celsius,’ he announces. ‘I can hear the frogs croaking and birds singing.’ I am filled with envy. I get him to drive home to mind the children so I can have my turn up in the Hills. When I arrive, the valley is encircled by dark hills, with a starry blanket over the top. A cool breeze rustles the leaves on the oak leaves. It smells of hay and honeysuckle and I think there will be dew on the lawn in the morning. I am besotted.’

After buying an old cottage in the Adelaide Hills, Georgie and her young family are transfixed with dreams of becoming hobby farmers, tending chooks, sitting by log fires, growing their own veggies and generally immersing themselves in the joys of nature. However, a stubborn cow named Ginger, acres of mud, a feral crop of artichokes, the coldest winter of the decade and a husband whose job means he is away from home most of the week but leaves him time to repeatedly bog the tractor on the weekends does not make their introduction to rural living ideal. Surely things can only get better from here … ?

For anyone who has either made the escape from city living or dreams of doing so, A Year in the Mud and the Toast and the Tears is an entertaining and humorous story about a tree change with more than a rocky start.

PRICE with Discount $20.22 – RRP $29.99

Each book sold will earn $8.22 for the Guildford P&C

The History of Mischief By Rebecca Higgie

There is madness in it.’
‘Yes. But magic too.’
Following the death of their parents, Jessie and her older sister Kay move to their grandmother’s abandoned house. One night they discover The History of Mischief hidden beneath the floor: it is like no book they have ever seen.
From Ancient Greece to war-torn China, from the Ethiopian Empire to Victorian England, the pages reveal a world of mischief and mystery, adventure and adversity – stolen bones and fiery dragons, feisty philosophers and tempestuous tyrants, shape-shifting trees and scorched scrolls.
But not everything is as it seems, in the book or in her life, and Jessie is determined to find the truth. The History has a history of its own. Unravelling its secrets might be the biggest mischief of all.

PLEASE NOTE: this book is rated as 12+

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