Georgie Brooks


Georgie Brooks – Bio

Georgie Brooks grew up in Adelaide and studied law. She practised as a solicitor where the gossip was incredible but the time sheets were not. Since then Georgie has worked as a university researcher, policy wonk in the areas of electricity, water and climate change, a stay at home mother and a hobby farmer. Her hobbies include gardening, reading and writing (also eating, drinking, reading the internet and mindlessly following social media feeds). She currently excels in driving her children to various activities and then staying to watch and support while they pretend they don’t know who she is. She is at present a secondary school teacher, while trying to become a truffle farmer and train her dogs to hunt for truffles. Georgie lives in the Adelaide Hills with her husband and two children.

 Listen to Georgie being interviewed on ABC radio with Host Peter Goers



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