Custom Publishing and Distribution

As well as commissioning and publishing books for a general audience, Bad Apple Press also offers custom publishing and distribution.

What is custom publishing?

Say you have a manuscript that you would like to have produced exactly the same way as one of the books on our list. For an agreed fee, we offer editing, and proofreading, as well as cover design and typesetting for your manuscript to the standards of one of our own books. Then we would help organise printing and delivery. We treat each custom publishing job as carefully as it was one of our books and you are consulted every step of the way. You also have the final say in decisions regarding cover, editing and design.

For books that align with our values we also offer distribution. Your book will appear on our website and can be included in our promotions to bookshops and other wholesalers. We will take care of packing and shipping and you will be paid every quarter. 

We also have access to a range of publicity and marketing specialists who could advise you of ways to promote and sell your book. If this interest you, please contact us at CustomPub to discuss the options for custom publishing your manuscript. 

Essentially we offer a range of services that encompass the whole range of the book production cycle. You can choose to take up all of them, from unedited manuscript to final printed book and ebook, or just choose the ones you want. I have listed the services and an estimated price guide for each below, to give you an idea. The price of the book printing depends on the final outcome, ie the number of pages, the number of photos/illustrations/ whether these are back and white or in colour, where the photos are placed in the book, etc. 


  • editing
  • typesetting
  • proofreading
  • cover design
  • barcode production/library registration/title page listing (this is the database that booksellers use to find books)
  • printing management
  • ebook creation
  • Marketing and brand consulting
  • sales and distribution through our website

You can elect to have all or just one or two of these services. It is up to you and your budget.


'An author’s road from manuscript to published work can be uncertain and stressful. An experienced partner in publishing is essential. Samantha Miles brought a calm confidence and clarity to the process as I prepared to launch my first book in March 2018. From a phone call and meeting 8 months earlier to the thrill of opening boxes of books from the printer, Samantha looked after every detail. There was consultation at each stage on editing, layout, design, deadline and costs. As a published author, Samantha has an understanding of the dreams and hopes of writers while bringing wisdom to each step in making them a reality. Attention to detail is just one of her many skills. As a result every deadline was met and News Time – A Life in Radio transformed from a manuscript to a much better book. Samantha Miles is an outstanding publisher. I could not give a higher recommendation.'
Glenn Daniel
Radio Journalist / Presenter
'We are so grateful to Sam for her capable and committed guidance. Her focus and experience of the publishing world's vital to making our book a reality and we are so pleased with the result. Sam went the extra mile and was always a professional, through some quite harrowing times! Without here I don't think we would have a book! I would recommend her highly! A real gem.’ - Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis, co-author of Nature Heals
Nature Heals
Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis, Karen Gray and Virginia Field