Bookstore and wholesale purchases

When booksellers or organisations order directly through us they are guaranteeing the author a greater percentage of royalty for their books. That is our 'pay it back policy'.

How to order

Booksellers are able to order directly through us.  Please email us at and we will arrange an account for you.

Booksellers also have the option to create an account with us and order straight through our website. It’s easy to use, you can add your whole team on, track orders, see specials and send us messages directly. (see below for more info)

Event Stock

If you are a bookseller and needing event stock please email us to arrange at

We offer bookstores and other wholesale purchasers (e.g.  organisations and schools), a wholesale discount on a firm sale. We  also encourage a consignment arrangement with booksellers as well. We do not, however, enter into any sale and return arrangement.

The traditional sale and return policy employed by the large book publishers (who also happen to be the major book distributors) does not promote the growth or viability of small Australian Publishers. We simply can’t compete and it is an unworkable system.

We know for many booksellers  firm sale is not a system you are used to and might seem a little scary but we are more than happy to work with you personally in order to accommodate your store being able to sell our titles.

What we provide:

A direct business to business ordering platform.

We wish to make the ordering of our titles as easy as possible. As a direct customer, you will be provided with your own customised ordering platform. Once you have created your password we will create a business portal just for you. It will have: 

  • exclusive sale offers
  • your agreed wholesale discounts already calculated
  • your shipping details 
  • a tracking system to track orders and delivery times.

See screenshots below. If you would like to sign into this service follow the link

Our distribution partners

No woman is an island, and as we are acting in the interests of both our authors and readers we have jumped on board with an enthusastic distributor – Booktopia.
We know, we know, we have heard a lot of booksellers suggest that Booktopia is no friend to them. But we believe that could change.
Due to their size and reach Booktopia is able to offer booksellers greater wholesale discounts and cheaper shipping rates. They are happy to have books in storage which means we can keep our books in the marketplace longer, unlike other distributors. This is great news for authors and small publishers. We are also able to set our own sales cycles, and not simply follow  the large international publishing houses. We are looking forward to working with the Booktopia team!
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