Who is Bad Apple Press?

Bad Apple Press is bringing Australian stories and readers together.

A coming together of ideas from two old friends forms the basis for Bad Apple Press. (Yes Sonya and Sam actually met in Year 7 at high school!) Armed with the belief that Australian stories are worth publishing and that you don’t always need the ‘Big Boys’ to get true quality, Bad Apple Press sprung to life in late 2018. Using our combined experience of over 20 years in the publishing and graphics creation industry, we are determined to give readers great stories that entertain, inspire, educate and always surprise. We believe that the creators, the wonderful authors, should benefit as much as possible from their stories and so offer a higher than industry standard royalty system. We believe in Australian publishing, and by offering authors the opportunity to be rewarded financially for their creative work, we hope to promote its longevity, diversity and sustainability.

Bad Apple Press is Samantha Miles and Sonya Danaher…and you!

Samantha Miles - Founder, Publishing Manager

Samantha has worked in publishing as both an in house editor and production manager, as well as a  freelance editor, for over 20 years. She has worked at Hodder Headline and Horwitz Martin (both companies have been taken over and renamed although probably nothing to do with her) as well as McGraw Hill and Finch Publishing, where she was Publishing Manager for 11 years.

Samantha lives in semi-rural Sydney and owns three horses. She competes in the insanely expensive and competitive sport of dressage, which means she is permanently poor and covered in bits of hay (among other things). Her non-favourite thing in life is explaining to her husband why she needs to order more hay. One of her favourite things is to read a good book.

Sam Miles

Sonya Danaher - Founder, Marketing and Sales

Sonya has worked across many industries in her role as a multimedia designer and developer. After living for some years in Amsterdam where she worked for Logica Consulting as their pan-European graphics manager, she returned home (for the sake of her liver), with a love of chocolate sprinkles on bread (hagelslag) and realisation of how far Australian businesses needed to catch up in the digital sphere. Along with another returned ex-pat she began her own multimedia company which operated  successfully for 12 years.

Sonya hates having her photo taken, because for some reason the result is always a surprise. She has had two children in what doctors like to call the ‘geriatric’ years and she only regrets one of them (only joking kids, just keep guesssing which one).

Her favourite thing to do is wake up early when no-one is around and sit on the verandah with a coffee and a good book.