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Peter Newlinds grew up on the northern fringes of Sydney. Like so many kids growing up in the sixties and seventies, his love of sport was fired by listening and watching commentators who are now legends of the Australian sports media: Alan MacGilvray calling cricket on the ABC, Frank Hyde doing rugby league on 2SM, Rex Mossop dominating his kingdom on Channel 7,  and the Big Match beaming in games from atmosphere-laden soccer stadiums in England. Peter even watched VFL games from suburban Melbourne! His spare time was spent devouring rugby league magazines and trading footy cards.

During a routine meeting in late high school to determine where he would best spend two weeks of work experience Peter had a simple epiphany: ‘Why not go to work where the best sport is played?”

An imaginative letter to the Sydney Cricket Ground trust lead to an offer of two weeks’ work experience which later converted to a sports-mad teenager’s dream job, working the numbers inside the majestic edifice of the SCG scoreboard.

A keen amateur cricketer, Peter packed his bags and bat in early 1986 and spent two summers playing the game in and around South Eastern England. On his return home, with the small matter of a career to consider, he found the perfect combination of his two passions: radio and cricket.

From the littlest things big things do actually grow and through persistence, dedication and a great desire to be part of a great national sporting and broadcasting institution, Peter worked his way patiently around the grounds before spending 18 wonderful, event-filled years at ABC Grandstand watching and commentating on a passing parade of stars and personalities, many who (unlike Peter himself) became household names.

Peter lives in Hobart with his family. This is his first book.

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Around the Grounds has it’s own spotify channelYes, you can now listen along to some of the key musical memories listed in the book! From World Cup anthems to ‘Up there cazaly’, there are some sporting anthems that just never leave us!

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