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Lunchtime Sessions

Join us for some lunchtime lockdown fun! Lunchtime sessions is a short series of author v author chats, no middleman and no script.

In each session, two of our authors will jump online and ask each other questions. The questions can be anything, about each other’s book, about their writing practice, what they had for breakfast… then we throw it open to you. Got a burning question for our authors? Want to practise talking about anything other than Covid? Do you have an anecdote or even a joke to share? It’s all welcome!

Join us on September 10th at 1:30 pm AEST FREE

For our first session we have Georgie Brooks, author of A Year in the Mud and the Toast and the Tears.  Are you thinking of making a move to the country after all these lockdowns? Georgie has been there, done that and wrote the book, so now is your chance to get some great tips on making that tree change.

Our second participant is Annabet Ousback, author of Red Herrings for Breakfast. Judging by the response we have via socials, Annabet’s book is a crowd favourite, and she has a lot of wisdom bombs to drop about the practice of writing , especially about family members.

Both authors are extremely entertaining speakers so this guaranteed to be a fun session.

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