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Meet our readers – The wonderful Shirley Evans

Our readers are our life blood here at Bad Apple Press, so we thought it would be a nice idea to get to know you all. The wonderful Shirley Evans has been a supporter of our authors from the beginning...

Q: What do you love most about reading?

A: I like/love reading because it’s just me and the book. I can tune out and live the story line. I dislike airline travel so reading books can take me to places I’ve never been to physically but in my mind I’m there. 


Q: Are you someone who only reads non-fiction or all types of books?

2. I prefer non-fiction books, although I read a book lately as part of the new book club at our local Craigieburn Library that was fictional: The Lost Man by Jane Harper. That was a fictional story about a family in the Australian Outback. I actually thought it was a true story! I really enjoyed it.


Q: What other hobbies do you have besides reading?

3. My hobbies are reading of course, cottage gardening (my garden is of the cottage plant variety) and also homegrown vegetables. I love to cook, the old style (my mum’s style) and I love my CWA (Country Woman’s Association) cookbook. It’s the 54th Edition released in 2011 for the 75th Anniversary 1936-2011. I love the ballet, music and I dabble in all sorts of crafts (painting, sewing, knitting, crochet, etc). 


Q: If you could write your own book, what genre would it be? ie true crime, memoir, historical fiction?

4. I love reading memoirs and autobiographies. I loved reading Mr Ordinary goes to Jail so I suppose that’s a bit of crime and an autobiography. 


Q: What is your favourite Bad Apple book so far and why?

5. Red Herrings for Breakfast was/is probably my favourite, but the others I have read have all been terrific reading too. I particularly like/love that they are written by new Australian authors and published by an Australian publishing company. I enjoyed Red Herrings for Breakfast so much … I think I could relate to the era and a lot of the family situations … but as I said it’s hard to pick the best I’ve enjoyed, as I enjoyed them all. 


Good on you Shirley!!!!! 

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