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The Beauty Index by Annette Carmichael, Photo by Nic Duncan

The Sauce #9 is out now!

Hello all,

 As usual we have been pretty busy working on our new books and trying to keep up with orders from all our wonderful online readers. We are so appreciative of your positive comments and feedback you have been posting on our Facebook page. It really makes our day when we read a nice comment! 


 This newsletter contains a very inspiring story by one of B2’s friends Annette who helps men come to terms with feelings of anger and frustration through dance. Amazing! After reading this I felt incredibly touched, not to mention very, very boring! Also from B2 is a great story about a personal lesson she took from Andrew Fuller’s Tricky Behaviours and
how she turned a mundane household task into a family event. No less inspiring really. It is all happening in Perth!


 We have some information on our October book, the very entertaining and interesting Good Night Irene, from
our-man-in-almost-Hollywood Michael Schiavello, who reveals how he made it to big time sports broadcasting and the celebrities he met along the way. Plus, Andrew Fuller gives some tips for parents struggling with getting their kids
back into school life or interested in learning again…which is possibly happening for a lot of parents right now.


 So as we ramp up our production again and turn hopeful eyes to 2021, we hope you will continue along with us on our journey! 

Enjoy your reading.



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