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Christmas Trees by Georgie Brooks

Gerogie Brooks will debut her true story A Year In the Mud and the Toast and the Tears on February 1st 2020... Get to know Georgie a little better as we ask her about her favourite Christmas traditions.

We decorate a real Christmas tree each year. We have sampled trees from a number of local Christmas tree farms and have finally settled on one farm which sell beautiful, fresh and evocatively scented trees. Each year we go as a family to buy the tree. Each year without fail we buy a tree that is too large. We always have trouble making the final selection because after examining all the trees on offer, every member of the family lovingly strokes their own chosen tree, extolling its perfect shape and ideal shade of green. After some keen arguments we always, inevitably, buy the biggest tree.


Christmas tree decorating invariably begins with my husband sawing off bits from the bottom and the top of the tree until we can finally wrangle the beast inside. We then have the traditional challenge to get the tree into a stand, and hope that there will be enough room for the star. I usually blast some Christmas music (the Boney M Christmas album is mandatory) while we open up the box of Christmas decorations and get to work. In the past, another of our Christmas traditions was that our huge tree would topple to the ground and smash all the expensive glass baubles, so the decorating theme has become ‘shatter proof’.  It’s a theme that happily incorporates all of the paper stars and pipe cleaner bells my children have made at kindergarten over the years. Christmas is no time for fashion. Instead it is a time that calls for comforting ritual.

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