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The German and the greengrocer by Michael Schiavello

Michael Schiavello is known around the world as 'The Voice' of MMA commentating. But underneath that booming voice and celebrity is an aussie kid, son of Italian immigrants from Melbourne. We asked him for his thoughts on the Christmas season...

During the eulogy at my grandfather’s funeral in July, I heard a story about how a Christmas tree changed his life.

One day a German man visited my grandfather’s fruit shop and asked if my grandfather could find a German Christmas tree. The man promised my grandfather he’d make the find worth his while.


Nobody knows how he did it, but within days my grandfather found a German Christmas tree. The German man, true to his word, made the find worthwhile. The German man owned one of the largest restaurant chains in Melbourne, and hired my grandfather to supply his restaurants with fruit and vegetables.

The supply contract for the German man’s restaurant chain — which my grandfather serviced until his retirement — set up my grandfather financially for life.


I’ve always felt a connection with Christmas trees, and hold dear a tradition of having a real Christmas tree in my home. The warmth of the tree’s decorative lights, the angel, the star on top, and the gorgeous smell of pine completes my Christmas each year. And now knowing that a Christmas tree holds even greater meaning for my family history, the tradition is even more special. 

Michael Schiavello – author of Good Night Irene 

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