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11 Questions in 11 Minutes with Ellen Briggs

Ellen Briggs opens up in our ever probing – 11 Questions in 11 Minutes. For more information on Ellen Briggs and her wonderful book Women Like Us – venture here

1.What is your idea of bliss?

Having a ride on lawn mower equipped with air-conditioning and a fridge full of caramel slices and 40 acres of lawn to mow.

2.What is the trait you least like about yourself?

My intolerance of people who don’t like dogs.  I don’t care if they’d had childhood trauma around an attack, I find it hard to muster up sympathy and I don’t trust them.

3.What do you consider to be the most overrated virtues?

Happiness.  If everyone walked around being happy all the time imagine how boring they’d be.  There’s nothing more interesting than eavesdropping on a pissed off middle aged woman in the café.

4.Greatest regret?

Getting the taste for caramel slices.

5.Who would be your nemesis?

Any of the WAGS who are married to Australian Cricketers.  I love cricket and I would be a better wife than any of them, hands down.

6.Which talent would you most like to have?

The ability to attract an Australian Cricketer.

7.Biggest dislike?

Shared water, like public pools, jacuzzies, spa baths, etc. I don’t want to share your bodily fluids with mine thank you very much.

8.Qualities you admire in a man?

The ability to cook a meal, clean the kitchen and not ask everyone in the family “how good was dinner” seventeen times after dinner.  I haven’t met that man yet.

9.Qualities you admire in a woman?

Her ability to operate on less sleep than everyone else in the house, and to make the switch from screaming at her family like a white walker on Game Of Thrones to the perfect host when that front door opens and the guests arrive.

10.What is your best characteristic?

I can crochet really, really good granny squares.

11.What would your motto be?

Step Away From The Caramel Slice.

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