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Here at Bad Apple we specialise in publishing non-fiction, narrative writing with an emphasis on memoir. We also like to publish books on health, fitness, psychology, lifestyle and self-help. We aim to connect readers directly with our books and our authors, and keep Australian stories alive. When you purchase a book from Bad Apple you are guaranteeing Australian authors a higher royalty.

Our goal is to create a space for anyone who shares a love of books and great stories, to connect to our authors and enable you, the reader, to feel part of the local publishing community. Interested? We will be releasing more information on how to get involved soon!

#PAYITBACK when you purchase directly from our website you guarantee the author a greater royalty payment

Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers Available Now!

We are pleased to be able to offer THE gift of choice this Christmas, with the launch of our Bad Apple Press gift vouchers.

Nobody wants to be the friend or relative that buys the dud gift! A gift voucher ensures that anyone can choose the book that is just right for them…

Valid for 12 months, the Gift vouchers can be used for current titles or to pre-order one of our 2020 new titles. 

A Year in the Mud and the Toast and the Tears by Georgie Brooks

2020 – Release
February 1, 2020
53 days to go.

A laugh-out-loud account of a young family’s misplaced confidence in themselves to become hobby farmers in rural Adelaide Hills, where their fantasies about life in the country are progressively destroyed and their almost total ignorance about everything agricultural is revealed…

Pre-order for 2020 is available now

Creativity, a Pathway to Hope.

“Drawing, indeed, transforms the secret passageway between the eye and the heart into a two-way street — while we are wired to miss the vast majority of what goes on around us, learning to draw rewires us to see the world differently, to love it more intimately by attending to and coming to cherish its previously invisible details.”

How true that is! Over the years, painting and writing have played a similar role in my own journey with love, loss and the process of reinvention.

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