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A new Australian publisher is on the way

Bad Apple Press, an independent Australian Book Publisher, is coming soon!

Thanks for joining us here at Bad Apple Press! At the moment we are really busy growing…it takes a lot of effort to create great non-fiction books and we really want to bring you the best stories that we can. We love to publish Australian memoirs of all kinds and on all subjects: sports, family, relationships, crazy stuff your dog just did or how weird your aunty was when you were growing up…you name it we will consider it! The only limitation is that your writing must be tops and you want to work as hard as we do! 

Mr Ordinary Goes to JailMr Ordinary Goes To Jail 

The story of an ordinary man who makes the biggest mistake of his life…

Mr Ordinary Goes to Jail is Wil’s account of his time in a contemporary Victorian prison, the unusual characters he met, the often hilarious and terrifying situations he found himself in, and the ways in which he comes to terms with his past and forges a new, more hopeful future.

For anybody who has ever wondered how they would cope facing similar circumstances or speculated what life is really like on the inside, Mr Ordinary Goes to Jail is a gripping and fascinating read.

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Around The GroundsAround The Grounds

Peter Newlinds worked for ABC Radio Grandstand for 18 years through the 1990s and 2000s. His name and voice will be familiar to cricket followers around Australia, and also to the followers of many of the various sports the ABC has covered over the years. He provides a unique perspective on the life of the broadcaster as someone who may not have been one of the biggest names on radio but nevertheless was always there, someone whose voice was heard routinely on most days over summer as the cricket broadcast went ‘around the grounds’.

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Women Like Us – are women like you.

Women Like Us is for anybody who is feeling cranky and fed up with being told what they should look like, feel like and how to ‘behave’. Using hilarious accounts of their own lives Mandy and Ellen discuss how they have come to a point where they realise they are never going to be perfect and they are just fine with that. 

For more information Http://www.thewomenlikeusbook.comth

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